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Faith in Business – 2021 Online Leadership Retreat

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FRIDAY, 16th April 2021  –  12:00pm – 17:00 GMT

How can I align my personal purpose with the purpose of my business?

That is the question we are inviting you to consider with us in 2021 . This question cannot be properly addressed without considering what human beings are for – what is their ‘why?’ History shows how difficult human beings have found it to come up with a good answer. But the starting-point, for us in Faith in Business, lies not in human beings but in the purposes of God. This is why we’ve embarked with you on a journey of discovery into how God’s purposes can help us determine what our businesses, and our own individual lives, are for.

In 2021, we have been creating resources on the theme of purpose, in our co-published journal Faith in Business Quarterly, in our weekly God on Monday reflections, and at our online seminar Faith in Business Monthly.

We now wish to invite you to participate in the Faith in Business 2021 Online Leadership Retreat, entitled On Purpose – What is Business For?

This retreat will not only refresh and inspire you. It will also help you attract and nurture employees who unlock the talents and energy of others – people who light other people’s fire.

Hear from these excellent speakers:  Camelle ilona Daley, Phil Staunton, and Val King

I look forward to welcoming you to our 2021 Faith in Business Online Leadership Retreat on 16 April!