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How do you dig deeper into God’s plan and purpose for both you and your business?

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Please join us in February for the BizMin course

10 sessions to explore the ministry potential of your business

How strong is the connection between your Christian faith and your business life? Do you really feel that your business is your ministry and you have a clear sense of God’s purpose for your business?

CBL’s mission is to equip Christian business leaders to grow successful businesses and lead inspirational lives that can transform the lives of others, based on sound biblical principles. We believe that Christian entrepreneurs have the potential to transform their businesses into fruitful ministries, impacting those who work in their businesses and the communities that they serve.

To help you explore further the connection between your faith and your business, we offer the chance to join us for the BizMin course. BizMin has been developed by award-winning architect, Paul Bulkeley, based on his experience of working with Christian entrepreneurs over many years. It unpacks how a business can become a fruitful ministry and a deeply satisfying life’s work. It will help you to systematically pursue your faith and business calling with clarity, conviction and purpose.

WHEN: 10 sessions on Monday evenings, 5pm-7pm, starting 8th February 2021 (no session Easter Monday, 5th April

WHERE: On Zoom

COST: £100 to cover course administration and a donation to honour and support the work of BizMin. Also included is an editable                         pdf workbook. A paper copy workbook is available for an                             additional £10.

“Often it is assumed that faith and business cannot be allies. This course, in contrast, highlights the positive potential when Christianity is integrated with entrepreneurship. It introduces participants to a range of theological and practical tools that inspire and support this integration. This thoughtful and well-presented course is set to change the lives of individuals, teams, customers and communities!”   –  DR PETER S HESLAM, Director of Faith in Business, Cambridge

“Participating in the BizMin course has helped reignite my passion for both business and ministry by inspiring me to combine the two. The BizMin course provided me with a fantastic framework that is shaping how I steward my business for the glory of God. Each session offers ample opportunity to ask questions, learn from the experience of others and equips Christian business leaders with the tools to transform their workplace culture and client relationships. I believe BizMin will encourage a generation of entrepreneurs to use their business as a vehicle to transform the culture around them.”  – AARON GIBSON, Founder of Created by Arc

If you are interested in learning more about Bizmin and would like to join us for our first class on 8th February 2021, please email and provide one (or more!) of the following choices below in your email: