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The Bizmin Course- September 2021

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“Transform your business into a fruitful ministry”


“Coming to a screen near you in September!”

Usually, as Christian Business Leaders we learn how to run businesses and we learn God’s Word and we sort of, try to put them together in the best way we can.  

So how well are you doing?

With so many challenges in today’s business environment answering the question “How can I do business God’s way?” is an ongoing challenge and not one that you have to face alone.

In 2018, Paul Bulkeley, the founder of Snug Architects, designed the BizMin Course which he has since run all over the world and it’s coming to a screen near you in September.

As a result of participating in the Bizmin course, you will:

  • Meet and learn from other business owners facing similar challenges
  • Learn ten powerful aspects of doing business as your ministry
  • Recognise your strengths in running your business as a ministry
  • Identify realistic and practical actions to increase your impact as a Christian Business Leader

The next BizMin courses:

  • Start date:  Monday, 20th September from 5pm to 7pm OR w/k of 4th October (day and time TBA)
  • Length: 2 hours/week for 10 weeks
  • Cost: £100 (+£15 for hard-copy workbook)
  • Each course is limited to 12 places


To learn more about The Bizmin Course, please visit their website HERE

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